CharityScenes Social: Getting to know boards 19 - 22...

For those of you looking forward to the CharityScenes Social on January 21st (tickets still available here), we're giving you a bit of a preview into each of the boards that will be participating. Check out the four boards below and scroll through other posts to read up on the others!


Deborah’s Place

The Deborah's Place Young Professional Board engages young professionals in leadership, volunteerism, fundraising, and awareness for Deborah’s Place. Board members develop leadership, communication, volunteer and fundraising skills – all while working with Deborah’s Place to open doors for women experiencing homelessness.

Chicago Foundation For Education

The Associate Committee is actively engaged in supporting the Chicago Foundation for Education's programs and fundraising. Founded in 2011 by a group of young professionals interested in making a sustainable impact in education, the committee is dedicated to supporting Chicago public school teachers and students. Members volunteer throughout the year by visiting classrooms and reading application proposals as well as organizing two fundraisers. Committee members also lend their professional skills by supporting marketing, research and data analysis projects.

Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League

The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League (MetroBoard), founded in 1983, is a premiere auxiliary of young professionals committed to promoting and supporting the ideas and goals of the Urban League movement throughout the Chicago community. Over the last 32 years, MetroBoard has been committed to the betterment of the community they serve by actively giving back through service, financial support, and leadership and has continuously developed top tier leaders. The first chapter of the National Urban LeagueYoung Professionals, MetroBoard set the standard and continues to be an example for other chapters to follow. To learn more or get involved please visit

Health Connect One

HealthConnect One is the national leader in advancing respectful, community-based, peer-to-peer support for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and early parenting. The HC One Associate Board supports the organization’s overall vision: to see every baby, mother, and family thrive in a healthy community. Members participate in broader organizational activities and host various events, donating their time, skill, and experiences in seeking to make HC One a healthy and viable organization. Members make a personal commitment to maternal and child health promotion through their participation and commitment to fundraising efforts.


CharityScenes Social - Boards 16 - 18...


The St. Jude Young Professionals Board of Chicago supports the lifesaving work of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The board provides networking opportunities including the 4th Annual St. Jude Day at the Derby Party (May 7th) and their signature gala, the 15th Annual St. Jude Harvest Moon, which takes place September 23rd, which is also childhood cancer awareness month. No family ever pays St. Jude for anything, because we believe that all a family should worry about is helping their child live.


Through fundraising events and volunteerism, Family Focus’ Associate Board supports the mission of Family Focus; nurturing children and strengthening families. We strive to make the Board experience one in which young professionals can expand their professional networks, experience the way in which our services are transformative, and give back to the Chicago community in a way which is personally meaningful.


The Ounce Affiliates Board works to advance the Ounce of Prevention Fund's mission by engaging citizens in support of early childhood education. Members introduce the Ounce to new champions and support the children served in our programs through fundraising and volunteer opportunities. Members include a growing number of young professionals, business people, educators, parents and entrepreneurs who are committed to supporting early learning programs that help all children reach their potential to succeed in school and in life.


CharityScenes Social - Get to know boards 12 - 15

We're less than a month away from the CharityScenes Social and we have a lot more boards to introduce you to! Check out the awesome groups below and get your ticket now to meet them on January 21st!


The Young Professionals Board (YPB), supports the overall mission and activities of The Safe Haven Network. Acting as ambassadors, YPB members engage the community through volunteering, fundraising, networking, and advocacy opportunities targeted towards young professionals.


As a Field Associate, you’ll join a vibrant community of young professionals committed to the mission of the Field Museum: to inspire curiosity about life on Earth.  As part of the next generation of Chicago’s civic leaders, your energy, talents and leadership will make a difference.

Join us as we explore, learn and celebrate global cultures, the natural world, and 4.5 billion years of history!


The Center for Economic Progress (CEP) helps low-income, working families as a trusted provider of tax and financial services. Everything we do, from direct service to informing public policy, improves the financial stability of those we serve. The Associate Board supports and enhances the mission of the CEP, primarily through outreach and fundraising efforts.


Oral Health America’s mission is to change lives by connecting communities with resources to drive access to care, increase health literacy and advocate for policies that improve overall health through better oral health for all Americans, especially those most vulnerable. Inaugural Associate Board members serve as an ambassador for OHA, operating as a conduit for discussion between peers and larger prospective donors, ensuring execution of our mission and raising funds to support rising dental professionals and programming that supports vulnerable populations. Members will play a large role in setting pace for future civic engagement opportunities as well as establishing the structure and strengthening its bylaws to increase the visibility of OHA, thus raising awareness around issues surrounding oral health and supporting OHA’s mission. 

CharityScenes Social: Boards 8 - 11...

Does the holiday spirit have you feeling charitable? Or maybe it's the approaching new year that has you thinking about how to get more involved in the community next year? Or maybe you just want to pack your schedule before it gets too cold and everyone goes into hibernation? Whatever it is, CharityScenes Social will be a great opportunity for you to grab some friends on January 21st and learn about some awesome young professional boards in Chicago. Check out a few of the boards below and stay tuned for features on the rest!


Associate Board of the YMCA of Metro Chicago

The Associate Board of the YMCA of Metro Chicago is an informed and inclusive group of emerging business, professional and civic leaders that advocates for the Y. Members of the Associate Board are responsible for building awareness and a deeper understanding of the YMCA of Metro Chicago and our mission with key audiences.

Saint Anthony Hospital Associates Board

Saint Anthony Hospital is a community teaching hospital, dedicated to serving the health needs of Chicago's West and Southwest sides. The hospital promotes health and provides quality care to patients and families of all faiths in our community. The primary goal is to improve the lives of low-income families and children in some of Chicago’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.  The Saint Anthony Hospital Foundation works to foster the spirit of philanthropy and provide capital resources to support the mission of the hospital. The Associates Board, composed of a group of professionals and future community leaders between the ages of 25-45, work with the Foundation to serve the mission of Saint Anthony Hospital by serving in a volunteer capacity to help to raise funds for the hospital, raise awareness of the hospital in the Chicago area, as well as engage other potential associate board members or supporters.

Women's Global Education Project

WGEP believes that universal education, gender equality, and the empowerment of girls and women are critical to a society’s development.  Our mission is to empower young people in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa (Senegal and Kenya) through education.  Our programs are: 
Sisters to School, which provides scholarships and community interventions for the most deserving girls, and
- Our Sisters Read (with USAID), including literacy programs that include libraries and mobile labs.  
Meet others with a passion for the developing world and interest in supporting the U.N.’s #1 development priority, while you build your leadership, networking, and fundraising skills.

Kids in Danger Young Professionals Board

Kids in Danger is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children by improving children's product safety. The Young Professional Board's purpose is to engage and encourage young professionals to share resources, time, and talent as ambassadors and fundraisers for KID. 

CharityScenes Social - Boards 4 - 7

Read below for a preview of some of the great boards which will be featured at the CharityScenes Social at SPACE by doejo on January 21, 2016! 

Young Women's Giving Council of Chicago Foundation for Women

Young Women’s Giving Council of Chicago Foundation for Women is a diverse community of young professionals who are committed to supporting young women and girls through philanthropic efforts. To support our philanthropy we utilize our strength as a network of young women to fundraise for the purpose of grantmaking. In addition, we develop the potential of women as leaders and philanthropists, empowering them through educational programming, leadership opportunities, and professional development. 

Auxiliary Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital

The Auxiliary Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital (ABNMH) is a non-profit organization of Chicago’s young professionals who are dedicated to raising funds for Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Since becoming affiliated with the hospital in 1987, ABNMH has fund raised to enhance treatment for Northwestern Memorial’s patients and their families through a host of patient care initiatives, including: ambulatory spine programs, bone marrow transplant, comprehensive heart failure prevention and treatment and most recently, type 1 diabetes (T1D). The board has focused on providing "seed money" to programs and research initiatives that are so novel and innovative, they may otherwise not get funded. 

Lookingglass Theatre Junior Board

The Lookingglass Theatre Junior Board is a tightly-knit group of Chicago’s finest up-and-coming professionals that promotes the educational programs of Lookingglass Theatre Company. We're at the front lines in advocating for the significant role the arts play in Chicago’s vibrant civic life. Since our 2001 founding by David Schwimmer and Billy Dec, we have grown to become one of the most influential junior boards in town because we embrace and embody the diversity, energy and enthusiasm that made Lookingglass the Tony Award®- winning nationally recognized theatre it is today. 

Aspire Associate Board

Founded in 2011, the Associate Board is a dynamic group of professionals between the ages of 22 and 30 who support Aspire through fundraising events, volunteerism and awareness campaigns. Monthly meetings are held at different locations in Chicago for brainstorming, planning and organizing. Board members represent a wide range of backgrounds and professional expertise, and interested candidates are welcome.

CharityScenes Social - Getting to know boards 1-3...

CharityScenes Social is coming up on January 21st! Get to know the boards participating - we'll feature a few boards each week leading up to the event so that you'll be ready to mingle!


Urban Gateways educates and inspires young people by delivering high-quality, accessible arts experiences that advance their personal and academic growth. Urban Gateways delivers high-quality arts programs led by trained and experienced professional artists in music, dance, theater, literary arts, visual arts, and digital media to engage youth in grades pre-K through 12, their teachers, families, and communities. Urban Gateways teaching artists collaborate with school teachers, administrators, and art specialists to develop and deliver engaging, integrated curricula for all types of learners.

Urban Gateways' Auxiliary Board, the New Arts Forum’s, mission is to promote and support Urban Gateways’ efforts to provide arts education programs to all children, despite race or economic class, while also promoting Urban Gatewaysartists and local artists/institutions. New Arts Forum members have the unique opportunity to advocate the work of Urban Gateways Artists to a fresh, diverse, and young constituency, enhance existing fundraising efforts and cultivate future organizational leadership. The New Arts Forum welcomes people of all backgrounds and income brackets.


EverThrive Illinois works to improve the health of women, children, and families over the lifespan through community engagement, partnerships, policy analysis, education, and advocacy. Our Associate Board is a dynamic group of young leaders and professionals dedicated to assisting EverThrive Illinois with our advocacy and program activities. Associate Board members have the opportunity to gain valuable skills and learn about cutting-edge public health topics, while volunteering with a statewide nonprofit organization, and making new friends!


I Am We is a young nonprofit arts organization that is dedicated to empowering underserved communities in Chicago to create unity. Founded in 2011 by artists, educators, and professionals, I Am We was born to address community needs by identifying ways from a grassroots level how to strengthen these neighborhoods. We learned that in underserved communities in Chicago there is a disconnect between constituents, community stakeholders and YOUTH. To break the chains of disconnect and create a sense of community, we realize that meaningful connections have to develop among these groups, especially adults and youth. 

For this reason, I Am We developed an Associate Board. We believe there are more artists, professionals, educators, and civic leaders throughout Chicago who also want to create change. We trust that these individuals are passionate about the cause of I Am We and are ready to use their skills, talents, education, and passion for the greater good in underserved communities.  Our goal as an Associate Board is to support I Am We in building effective programming and community engagement models for underserved communities.


Summaries above were provided by the boards themselves