September 2016 Associate Board Spotlight: Marillac St Vincent Family Services

One of the most rewarding experiences an associate board member can have is direct experience with the nonprofit’s mission and clients. The Associate Board of Marillac St. Vincent Family Services (MSV), our October Board of the Month, builds these experiences into its annual event planning and everyone benefits. Read on to find out more about this great organization.

CharityScenes: Tell us a little bit about the Associate Board!

Meredith Oney: The Associate Board is a fun way for young professionals to get involved with our mission here at Marillac St. Vincent Family Services. The goals are to raise awareness and fundraise for MSV, while organizing volunteer, social, and fundraising activities. We currently have about 35 members, most ranging in age from 25-35. Our doors are always open to new members who want to learn more about our mission, our associate board, and how to get involved.

CS: Sounds great! What, in your mind, makes this associate board stand out?

MO: One of the ways is how the group comes together. Our best recruiting tool by far is word-of-mouth from our members. They seem to enjoy their participation so much that it’s easy for them to bring friends and acquaintances on-board. The group has a really strong dynamic and a truly organic recruitment method, so that’s really special.

CS: What does the annual calendar look like for the MSV Associate Board?

MO: The Associate Board’s calendar runs from fall to spring, with a break over the summer. We have three main fundraising events every year, the first of which is a Bears watch party and bags tournament coming up on October 2—anyoneinterested should come along! We also have a flip cup tournament in January that’s always really fun and popular. Finally the Board’smarquee event, House of Cards, is a casino fundraiser will be held this year on April 8, 2017. We have over 250 attendees each year, and these events always serve as great recruitment vehicles for our organization.

CS: I can imagine; they sound like a great time. Tell us a little more about your programming events.

MO: The Board plans volunteer opportunities throughout the year. One event they annually participate in is the Willie Morristhree-on-three basketball tournament at Marillac House, our center in East Garfield Park. This event in particular helps our associate board members connect with our mission in a really personal way. They are able to connect with our kids and experience how critical Marillac House is in providing a safe space for kids to just be a kid. They really understand the role they play in the MSV mission and it helps empower and motivate them to make a difference through their involvement. It’s been a really fulfilling and meaningful experience for them.

If you’re interested in learning more about this great group of young volunteers, check out for more info! And be sure to check out the Bears Game Watch Party on October 2, tickets still available here: