September 2015 Associate Board Spotlight: Changing Worlds

“There are a lot of great non-profits focused on arts and literacy throughout Chicago, but what makes Changing Worlds, and it’s associate board, different is that we incorporate lessons about culture and communities. We think that part is really important,” says Patricia Borowiec, one of the co-chairs of the associate board. CharityScenes had a chance to speak with Patricia and her co-chair, Melissa Chaidez, recently to learn more about the eight year old Changing Worlds associate board. The board is active, vibrant, and engaged, and the young professionals involved cover a range of industries and careers. Take a look below to see what this board is all about!

  • Size: between 10 to 20 people
  • Frequency of meetings: once per month
  • Corporations represented on the board: McCormick Foundation, United Airlines, State of Illinois, Academy for Global Citizenship, Grosvenor Capital Management, etc...
  • Cause: Changing Worlds - a 19 year old local Chicago non-profit aiming to foster inclusive communities through
    • In school and after school partnerships
    • Teacher professional development
    • Traveling exhibits and community outreach initiatives
  • Recent fundraisers: trivia night, hambingo, arts and crafts at Lagunitas, and more!
  • Volunteering: for individuals interested in volunteer opportunities outside of business hours. Other volunteer opportunities exist for board members, but are not a requirement to join the board. 
  • Who might want to join? Anyone! Changing Worlds Associate Board is definitely a great place for any young professional new to associate boards - there are a lot of opportunities to learn and become involved, and as with any board, turnover presents chances to take on new roles and tasks through the year(s)
  • Upcoming initiatives: Changing Worlds Associate Board continues to grow and wants to get the word out! In addition to increased marketing and awareness initiatives, they are open to partnering with other associate boards for events, ideas, and more.
  • Want to learn more? Check out facebook or their website

Melissa shared that they’ve had a lot of success with the fundraising events as they give members and supporters the opportunity to network, engage in an activity, and learn about the Changing Worlds programming. For example, at a recent fundraiser at Lagunitas Brewery, attendees were asked to point  mark on a global map out where their origins were and then create a family crest. This naturally gave people an opportunity to introduce themselves and make connections, while also getting an idea of the types of activities children will participate in during their time with Changing Worlds. After the icebreaker, attendees socialize and have casual activities to keep them engaged! If you’re interested in learning more about the board, you’ll find it easy to mix and mingle at these events :)