5 Reasons to Join an Associate Board

As young professionals, we deal with a lot, both personally and professionally. We are working towards a promotion, the next job opportunity, or grad school. We’re always on the hunt for fun ways to spend our weekends. We might find it challenging to meet new people, and sometimes we struggle to make time for the friends and family we already love or the co-workers we already value.

What if I told you that volunteering on a young professional board is the solution to these challenges? Here are 5 awesome benefits of joining a board.

1) No-pressure Networking: Meet people in your industry or people who work in completely different arenas. Maybe this will open doors professionally, or maybe it will just give you better perspective.

2) Learn new skills & build your resume: Not only does your experience on a non-profit board look good to future employers and graduate programs, but you can genuinely build new skills outside your current expertise. Work in finance? Join a marketing committee and learn how to advertise. Work in technology? Take on a leadership position and refine your management skills for the day you run the company.

3) Make new friends: You and your fellow board members will spend time working through challenges like budgeting and membership development, volunteering at fun volunteer events, and enjoying cocktails at fundraisers. Before you know it, your monthly meetings won’t come around quickly enough.

4) But keep the old: Maybe you join a board because you are already passionate about supporting education or raising awareness for a particular medical research initiative; maybe you join because you’re excited to learn more. Either way, you’ll host fundraisers and volunteer events where you can bring your friends, co-workers and families together for an event they’ll all love.

5) Give back: At the end of the day, nothing will compare to the satisfaction of seeing your efforts and donations combined with the resources of other hard-working young professionals to affect real change.

Don’t just take our word for it. There are over 150 young professional boards in Chicago whose work and members speak for themselves!